Jan 1, 2008

Rounds one & two: police

According to Pasadena Star-News reporter Todd Ruiz, a heavy police presence thwarted an attempt by protesters to disrupt the 119th Rose Parade. The Beijing Olympic float, a symbol to some of China's effort to flower over its terrible human rights' record, was the target.

Pasadena police, FBI agents and the Secret Service were reportedly lining the route to protect the sanctity of family fun.

Protesters have yet to give up, however. They sent out a press release earlier this morning stating their intent to sue the city for refusing to issue them a permit to hold a pre-parade protest rally.

Update: The Chinese float, named One World One Dream, won the Theme Award Trophy. The theme for this year's parade was the pithy Passport to the World's Celebrations.

The float from Taiwan also won an award.

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Anonymous said...

Just can't stop covering the Rose Parade, eh?