Jan 11, 2008

Oh, the horror

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune had a faulty headline in today's paper. Very faulty.

Here it is.

It's not as bad as the San Bernardino Sun running a caption that read "Horsing Around" under a photo of a riderless horse in a cop's funeral procession. But close.

This should remind us all of the value of a good copy editor.

Speaking of which, I hear the copy editors have returned to the Tribune after being exiled to San Bernardino as part of a nutty cost-savings scheme... None too soon, it seems. Let's hope the failed experiment makes its way to the ears of the Singleton big wigs.


Anonymous said...

Thank the stars you no longer work for that rag.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, thank the fucking stars. I would.

Anyway, it wasn't faulty. The Trib often practices journalism of the supernatural.