Jan 21, 2008

Debate! Debate!

John Edwards is talking about racism and the subprime mortgage crisis. Wants a national predatory lending law. Makes the point that low-income and blacks were preyed upon.

Hillary Clinton wants a freeze on rate increases. Barack Obama says banks and lending companies have dominated Washington. Brings up the bankruptcy bill, which makes it more difficult for people with credit card debt to file. Slams Clinton for supporting it.

An interesting dustup. Clinton getting booed for saying Obama never takes responsibility for any vote he made. She portrays him as having been treated with kid gloves. He smacks her back, says her attacks are "not factually accurate." That's code for "lie."

Edwards piling on top, hitting him for voting "present." Edwards is by far the best debator and knows Clinton will never pick Obama to be VP.

Obama brings up the war vote. Says he takes tough positions. He should have pressed that point harder. He's too easily flustered.

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