Jan 21, 2008

Debate! Debate! 4

Is Obama running for Vice President right now? Redraw the map to build a working Democratic majority? That's important, but not something I'd want to focus on in a debate.

Edwards says he can win the south and in rural areas, but says it's not because he's white. (Except that it is.) Obama counters that he won rural areas in the primaries.

Obama is a proud Christian.

Clinton says she's a hawk and can beat the Republicans on national security.

Edwards tries to draw Clinton into a debate on corporate lobbyists.

Obama's turn: He calls Clinton a McCain-lite on foreign policy. Might have hit the point harder.

Why should MLK endorse you? (High school debate question)

Edwards takes the bait. Obama says MLK would hold us to account (better answer). Clinton tries a different way of saying political leaders make the difference, sorta walking back her Lyndon Johnson comments.

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