Jan 27, 2008

Barack won big, but...

Sen. Barack Obama won a decisive victory in South Carolina, largely because he turned out black voters. He's buoyed as the Democrats ready for Feb. 5.

I'd argue, however, that the Clinton attack strategy in South Carolina succeeded, precisely because his win was dependent on the turnout and support of black voters.

Consider this from today's New York Times: [Obama's] share of the white vote in South Carolina, 24 percent, was lower than what he drew in Iowa or New Hampshire, raising questions about whether race will divide Democrats even as the party shows tremendous enthusiasm for its candidates.

That's a terrible trend if you want to win a majority of states on Super Tuesday, since most of the 22 states have too few black voters to give Obama an edge. He should probably reach out to John Edwards, who has a few delegates he can throw Obama's way and who seems to have captured the vote of white male Democrats not keen on supporting a woman or a black.

The rest of the New York Times story is here.

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