Dec 16, 2007

God's chad is hanging for Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas (that's the Natural State), has the national media abuzz, which has helped push him farther up the polls that the national media keeps citing to point out how he's moving up in the polls... past Mitt the Mormon, closing fast (if not outpacing) Rudy Giuliani.

According to the Washington Post, home-schoolers, the do-it-yourselfers of education, have become an unofficial field organization for Huckabee. We know they're passionate.

Whether they can turn out the vote come Election Day, Huckabee is shaking his dark horse status at precisely the right time. Few people (especially Christians) are going to become embittered over the holidays, meaning he won't really be tested before the Jan. 3 caucus in Iowa.

And if he carries Iowa and takes first or second in New Hampshire he's almost certain to prevail in South Carolina. Romney will collapse and it will be a two man race to the West Coast with Giuliani.

Can Barak Obama find some of that same surging magic from the day-time couch potatoes? I doubt it. He isn't coming from behind, he's regaining lost ground. Unlike Huckabee, Obama was deemed a front runner at the start.

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