Dec 9, 2007

Giuliani knows about sacrifice

Rudy Giuliani loves money more than good sense. Why else would the presumptive Republican front-runner maintain and then defend business ties and partnerships that make Mr. Sept. 11 look like an amoral greed head?

Also, he comes up with a novel defense as to why he missed meetings of the Iraq Study Group to give lucrative speeches: Mr. Giuliani said that it was not personal gain that compelled him to quit the group, a bipartisan commission tasked with assessing the situation in Iraq. Rather, he said, he feared that as he considered running for president, his political ambition could taint the findings of the commission.

That's believable. I mean, he didn't know about his ambition problem before accepting the job, but when he found about them he had the decency to play hooky for profit. It's what any patriot would do in his place.

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