Nov 15, 2007

Debate! Debate!

Catching the tail-end of the Democratic debate in Las Vegas. People are booing attacks on Clinton like it was Jerry Springer. Is Obama going to pull Hillary's hair? "No he didn't say that was an answer he expected to hear from Mitt Romney!"

The candidates are being disagreeable to show they disagree, but I bet no one will know what the differences are when this charade is over. Either debate for real or have a journalist aski penetrating questions and then follow up when the bullshit stream begins. And I'm not talking about Chris Matthews or Tim Russert, the Michelin men of CW. Both have gone down rabbit holes trying to appear hard-hitting.

Side note: Joe Biden has become the funny drunk uncle. I might vote for him just for that...although his answer on the Supreme Court question was fairly stupid.

Don't worry Christopher, there will be no Dodd administration.

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