Nov 28, 2007

Debate! Debate! 4

Will you grant the VP as much power as Cheney has been granted?

Thompson wants the VP to have a strong hand in domestic security and pick SCOTUS judges.
McCain says he wouldn't have to rely on a VP on security 'cause he's not as green as Bush.
Neither said yes, neither said no.

Also, the campaign videos from Huckabee and Giuliani are extremely disturbing. How do these people not know how unfunny the ads are? Duncan Hunter's ad touts his defense of a Christian cross on public land. That, apparently, is presidential.

A retired general with a weak voice declares himself gay and asks why gays can't serve in the military (since he just did it for 43 years).

Unit cohesion would suffer, according to Hunter. Units too small and tight to accept gays.
Huckabee thinks morale would suffer.
Mitt Romney flip-flops, says Don't Ask Don't Tell works even though he wanted gays to serve out in the open in 1994. Now he defers any further decision to the military (of which he'd be the head).
McCain also likes DADT.

Social Security?

It will go bankrupt, Thompson says. Calls it an entitlement tsunami getting ready to hit us. Don't know what he plans to do.
Romney wants a new course, which is an old course, the course set by Ronald Reagan. Again, no specifics.

How does the Republican Party attack the black vote?

Giuliani says communication is the key, and the idea-r of school choice. And moving them off welfare.
Huckabee wants to campaign for black votes, in part by dealing with their heart problems.

Repairing America's infrastructure

Giuliani says a sustained program, partnering with state and local governments, is needed.
McCain will fix the bridges on the back of pork-barrel spending.

And there you have it. Nothing learned, nothing gained.

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